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In continuous battle between smart phone OS manufacturers like Google and RIM (Research In Motion), Consumers are getting confused in selecting best smart phone for their daily use. Here we tried to focus on pros and cons of both operating systems so you can make better decision for your next purchase.


Introduced in 2007 by Google, Android has captured good market share in recent years. According to some surveys, Android enjoys more than 50% share for new smart phone purchases in 2011. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having Android as your smart phone OS.

Advantages Of Android

Open Source: As we all know that Android is open source OS manufactured by Google. This advantage makes him stand out from the rest in the race of smart phone operating systems. This attract many programmers and developers and help them modify Android according to their desire as Google freely distribute its source code to Linux kernel and other publicly licensed code for anyone who wants to contribute to the development of the software.

Applications: Android market place has an app for almost every situation and for every one. Wide range of apps for android makes it more users friendly. Specially with an emerging trend of social networks and other of web 2.0 sites, buyers prefer android because of availability of app for this particular site.

Hardware: In terms of hardware, so far Android is the only smart phone with wide range of choices. Adoption of Android by cell phone giants like HTC, Samsung, And others make it available in many different sizes and shapes.

Software: Android software is light weighted and multi tasking. User can open multiple applications at the same time while browsing over the internet. Capability of keeping their profiles online on multiple sites by running applications simultaneously make it more users friendly

Disadvantages Of Android

Poor Battery Life: Battery life of android is not so good. The one reason behind this is may be lots of application keep user using their smart phones all day. Android battery usually last one day with normal usage whereas battery for blackberry is design to live longer by keeping corporate clients in mind.

Hardware Limitation: Capability of android is also depend on hardware. You might not get most of your android if your hardware is not good enough. Even fulfilling minimum requirements by your hardware does not guarantee smooth functionality. You might get your android hanging or taking more time in completing task as compared to best optimized expensive hardware for android.

Crap for App: You might end up installing craps while downloading application for your android handset. Google does not monitor apps submission and they are available in android marketplace as soon as they get submitted by developers and as a result you might waste your time in downloading and installing totally crap apps. You have to test many poorly developed and designed apps before you hit the decent one.


Blackberry is the most accepted smart phone in the business community. Its features reflect the need of corporate culture. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of blackberry.

Advantages Of Blackberry

Push Email Technology: Blackberry users are always one step ahead when we talk about emails. With the help of push email technology, users get email into their blackberry hand set as soon as it hits their inbox. Although this type of feature is now available in other OS but still push email technology is a winner.

Battery Life: Battery life of blackberry is very good as it is designed according to daily usage of business people.

Hardware: When you have blackberry, you can get most out of it because it is not something which is built on minimum requirements. Every hardware is designed to use all the functions of software. Besides all the cool designs of new smart phones, qwerty keyboard of blackberry is still lovable by many cell phone users.

Data Management: The biggest benefit of blackberry is its data compression technology. It can compress size of data in almost half and thus user can save great on bandwidth.

Disadvantages Of Blackberry

Lack Of Applications: Blackberry lack variety of applications. Although RIM has launched Blackberry App World but it still run short of decent applications. User interface of Blackberry App World is also not good when compared with other smart phone OS App stores.

Community Bounded: Blackberry by keeping needs and wants of business community, blackberry overlooked requirement of average user. It is a major drawback of blackberry. It is treated as a corporate tool rather than smart phone.

Final Words

With whatever said above, final decision is yours. Your decision must be based on your personal requirement. Do not forget to check out best deals at O2 for latest blackberry and android handsets.

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