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Free Mobile Screensavers are given in stilled form for preview. Click on any image to open animated screensaver of that image and right click on it and choose  "save picture as" to save the screensaver for your mobile phone in your pc. In order to download screensavers directly to your mobile phone via wap, open screensaver by clicking the thumbnail and right click on it and choose properties. In properties you can find the web address, insert that web address in your mobile phone web browsers to directly download the screensavers in your mobile phone. Left click will close the image.

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Cell phones that support animated wallpapers/screensavers (based on our research and reports from users of the site):

If your phone is not listed, it doesn't mean that the animation will not work (we are constantly adding phone models to our database).

Some of the mobile phones can play animated gif as wallpaper. So you can use our image as wallpaper and as a screensaver.

Check your phone specifications.

What Exactly are Screensavers?

After reading this good article you will know some important information about screensavers and their history. You will find out how screensavers are different from other applications and what advantages you'll have if you use them. If you have a Mobile, Laptop or a notebook you can also find useful things.

I wonder if you have ever asked about what screensavers are in fact. Because i did i made a little research and i am willing to share with you what i learned. If you split the word "screensavers" in to separate words it will result the words "screen" and "savers". So screensavers are some kind of applications that "saves your computer". So a screensaver can only mean something good for your computer. But the real question is what does exactly means? You must ask yourself if it will harm your screen or it will help it. You can find all this just by knowing the definition of the screensavers.

If you are curious and you search the net you will find a many definitions. But i will try to list the best of them in this article.

1. So a screensaver is some kind of a moving picture that appears on your screen (cell phone / mobile ) if you haven't press any key for a period of time that you can set. Screensavers prevent screen damage that is caused when the same areas of light and dark are displayed for long periods of time.

2. A screensaver is a program that activates after a certain amount of time has passed with no keyboard or mouse activity and blanks the screen or display moving various objects across the mobile screen; these are used to prevent your screen from getting "burn in". So i think that you are begriming to understand


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